About Gritty

 Raised in the country town of Oxford North Carolina listening to the Temptations, Donald Byrd and The Rolling Stones, he was able to fine tune the craft of being soulful. Watching his family struggle and work hard for the majority of his life, that was fuel he needed to overcome adversity. Gritty discovered at a young age he had a passion for entertaining by performing every weekend at a venue called his living room. The support and reaction from family and friends made him want to fine tune the one thing that burned in his soul, music. With Gritty going through so much in his lifetime, from battling the streets, to being in the military (US ARMY). It has allowed for Gritty to become a well seasoned artist. With all the grueling troubles of the world, Gritty found comfort in creating hip hop that would motivate and uplift the spirits of people. By promoting the word of God it has allowed Gritty to produce some of the most invigorating spiritual music available. Being an independent artist it allows Gritty to have total creative control over his music. Gritty produces, distributes, and promote all of his work through his label Grit Lyfe Entertainment. Gritty's music can be currently found on 22 major digital markets worldwide! With touching so many places and people in the world, it will not be a long time before Gritty becomes a household name.


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